AMCIS Social Project

AMCIS 2019 is introducing a new and exciting initiative as a part of an effort to expand its impact and leave a positive footprint in the communities we visit. This initiative is a Social Project that is not geared towards raising money for a good cause but focused on what we do; developing technology-based solutions for issues affecting businesses and communities in the rural Mayan areas near Cancun. Moreover, this is not a project to be executed merely by the Organizing Committee but by AIS members and their students. And to be performed during the entire year; not only during the conference.

All AIS members and their students are invited to participate in this exciting and forward looking Social Project. If you are interested, please contact Lakshmi Iyer (, Marina Kriscautzky-Laxague (, or Babita Gupta ( at your earliest convenience.

After some research, the AMCIS 2019 Social Project Co-Chairs have identified 3 potential beneficiaries of this initiative. They are: Community of Nuevo Durango, Bacalar Region Community, and City of Joy. Moreover, each of these groups have many needs and benefit from different and multiple technology-based projects. We do not expect to do all the potential projects nor be able to help all three communities but we developed a portfolio of projects so that AIS members and their students could look at different options in which they can participate.

To Sign-up please review this 2019 AMCIS Social Footprint Project Sign-up sheet that provides instructions. You can contact any one of the Social Footprint Project Co-Chairs:

Social Footprint Project

Lakshmi Iyer

Appalachian State University, USA

Marina Kriscautzky-Laxague

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico

Babita Gupta

California State University Monterey Bay, USA