Doctoral Consortium for Early Students

The Junior Doctoral Consortium program seeks to help Information Systems doctoral students in the first and second years of their doctoral studies (i.e., prior to comprehensive exams and advancement to candidacy) to become introduced to the professorate and to manage the path toward a sound research publication pipeline and a dissertation that will make a material contribution to the body of knowledge. The consortium has three primary objectives:

  1. Provide networking opportunities for students with peers and faculty
  2. Help students strategize about and focus on their research, teaching and career plans
  3. Prepare students for the dissertation process and advancement to candidacy.

The program includes a keynote speaker, Dr. Vallabh Sambamurthy, four distinguished faculty panels, and breakout sessions to discuss research and issues relevant to the early stages of a doctoral program. Panels focus on developing a solid research pipeline, preparing for the comprehensive exam, and transitioning to the dissertation process. In breakout sessions after each panel, small groups of students will discuss the panel topic as it relates to their research aspirations with their faculty mentors and fellow students. The intent is for students to apply the panel topic to their personal research and doctoral program goals, with input from faculty mentors and peers.

Participant Criteria

Students wishing to participate in the Junior Doctoral Consortium program at AMCIS 2019 should:

  1. Be formally admitted to an Information Systems (or related discipline) doctoral program.
  2. Have yet to sit for and successfully complete a formal comprehensive examination and have yet to be advanced to candidacy and matriculating at the dissertation stage of a doctoral program.
  3. Students not meeting the criteria set forth above are encouraged to participate in the Senior Doctoral Consortium

Application Process

Junior Doctoral Consortium co-chairs will review each application. The review process emphasizes applicants’ research plans, accomplishments, and potential. Students may apply to the Junior Doctoral Consortium in each year in which they meet the criteria set forth above. Those who have completed their comprehensive exam and/or advanced to candidacy may apply to the Senior Doctor Consortium. Multiple students may apply from one school. Diversity of applicants, institutions and countries will be considered in selecting the AMCIS 2019 Doctoral Consortium cohort. Priority will be given to students studying at universities in the AIS Americas region although students from other AIS regions will be included if space is available.

Collate the following materials in one integrated PDF document:

  • Cover sheet (no more than one page) with your name, address, email, year in which you started your doctoral program and a brief (one paragraph) description of your research interests and motivation for applying to the Junior Doctoral Consortium.
  • Letter of recommendation from your faculty advisor or a major professor
  • Curriculum vita

Submit the integrated PDF document via email to EMAIL TBD by DATE TBD

Participating Faculty

Co-Chairs – Dr. George M. Marakas,  Florida International University (

Dr. Miguel Aguirre-Urreta, Florida International University (

Keynote –    Dr. Vallabh Sambamurthy, Michigan State University

Mentors –    Dr. Sue Brown, University of Arizona

Dr. Richard Klein, Florida International University

Dr. Monica Trembley, College of William and Mary

Others to be announced