They have a company that helps local artisans near the Bacalar region to mainly produce souvenirs for tourism made of fine woods that are reclaimed (not cut) from the forest. Their aim is to:

  • Reduce migration
  • Increase family income
  • Create jobs
  • Natural resources conservation
  • Foster the re-valorization of the local identity


To generate a model for the development of social innovation for touristic destinations that strengthen the local economy through entrepreneurship of vulnerable groups, in a setting of fair trade, sustainability, and equity.


To strengthen agents of local development in touristic destinations through commercialization strategies that consolidate their productive processes, and their social environmental impact.


  • They aim at building local capacities and foster responsible consumption.
  • They mainly create souvenirs made of fine woods that are not obtained from cutting down the trees, but picking them up from the floor, once they have fallen naturally, thus helping reduce the risk of forest fires.
  • They tend to make arrangements with hotel chains that provide the products to their high-end customers, as gifts.
  • They have acquired a laser device to help them cut and make carvings, so that they can produce more rapidly.

Problem Summary

  • They have serious product distribution problems. Bacalar is in the southern tip of the state, whereas Cancún and Playa del Carmen are in the north. There are no serious potential distribution partners.
  • They have a strategy definition problem. They are trying to produce more to sell to the hotels at lower prices (by using the laser devices and purchasing low-quality wood from local lumber processing companies). However, this will make them lose their great differentiators: hand-made artisanal products made from reclaimed wood.
  • They need to improve many of the processes in their value chain, including sales.
  • Their website for online sales has been down for a long time.
  • They need to develop competencies in business and IT.
  • They are having trouble attracting the attention of the younger members of the community, who prefer to migrating to the touristic areas, and work there as employees.